Shakoor's Merchandise, is a Retail and Wholesale Business providing hard to find and rare products at affordable prices.


Shakoor's Merchandise has been very successful in the selling of ethnic and cultural garments, along with artifacts from around the world. We sell natural and health products as well as the world renowned shea butter and herbal teas, and natural soaps. Shakoor's has one of the largest Wholesale & Retail businesses on the East Coast selling exotic oils,incense, educational, religious, historical posters, and books. The products Shakoor's sell are not massed produced and are not found in department stores.


Shakoor's Merchandise is located in a retailers/wholesalers dream area. Shakoor's business is located right in the heart of downtown Richmond which is undergoing major renovations and revitalizations, with the new renovation and revitalization going on it is predicted to bring in thousands of newcomers.


Shakoor's is also located on 2nd street where the 2nd street festival is housed annually, which brings in thousands of new consumers yearly.


Shakoor's is run by a husband and wife team where the customers are catered to and treated special. Son, Yahya is an added attraction to Shakoor's with expertise in teas and herbal products.


When customers leave Shakoor's business they leave with a smile and promises of telling their friends and always with a chant of "I'll be back".